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Steven Lazarov

By September 26th, 2020No Comments

prolegomena toward a non-place

elegy for object, seed & the in-root

             ,                           ,              (their place in the sentence) devaluing without primacy by (parts of speech) how do—




rhizome-human: where-work the bulb, multiple-the-being—connection (stay outside) machine—& pivot? is-what are hows—does the how-tuber chain & nourish? against that old poem, linear unispirit: works in form content—preliminary—for metaphor is a work of breaking absent a poem of (mimic)—note: Willa-poem clear as day—some Deleuze—meta- ekphrasis—if I take toward another’s engage-to, in order,

via, & rotate

if?            turn

   fill -in,      


green of early

that’s one school of

thought    & a swift kick of a gust-

jacked & feel hands

attached shaking trunk up the branches, reach the

yells held in    birth forever I hear

you I tell them you aren’t alone in






Steven Lazarov writes in Chicago. He will usually take the pancakes instead of the toast. His work has appeared in some other locations. Enter a line wherever you can. Socialism will win.