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Christine Reilly

By September 26th, 2020No Comments

Some Children Left Behind

1. First draft is to blackmail as unicorn is to ______

A. Dragon

B. Mermaid

C. Welfare king

D. All of the above


2. Which of the following exists on Maslow’s pyramid?

A. Art

B. Drugs

C. Social media validation

D. None of the above


3. What is humanity?

A. A cooler God

B. A tiny plug at the base of your stomach that aches when touched.


4. Men with unattractive spouses are

A. Blind

B. Poor

C. Classy


5. Is your body beautiful or disgusting?

A. Beautiful

B. Disgusting

C. Yes


5. Can frightened people be angry?

A. Maybe

B. No



6. You live….

A. In a house

B. Everywhere

C. In your filth

D. For your dog


7. Artists play by whose rules?

A. Society’s

B. Their own

C. Whomever buys their work

D. B unless C


8. Religion is alive out of ____ for our elders.

A. Fear

B. Respect

C. Humor


9. Space is to final frontier as Internet is to ___

A. Penultimate frontier

B. Immortalizer

C. Memorializer

D. Trick question – the Internet is the final frontier.


10. What can no longer be new?

A. Religion

B. Art

C. The first city you’ve ever lived in


11. Why do women enjoy submission?

A. It’s in your biology

B. Society conditioned you

C. It lets you enjoy sex without doing the work or feeling shitty about your lust

D. You don’t


12. My love is

A. Yours to lose

B. Gain



18. Art is dead because

A. It broke its own rules.

B. It broke its own rules and the consumer didn’t understand.

C. The consumer existed.

E. Some of the above.



Cast(e) Party

(Place: Cocktail party in New York City. Time: your twenties.)

“What do you do?” – everybody

“What do you mean?” – nobody





Christine Reilly lives in New York, New York. She teaches at Sarah Lawrence College’s Writers Village and Gotham Writers Workshop. Her first novel, Sunday’s on the Phone to Monday, was published in 2016 by Touchstone and is the recipient of a Kirkus Star. She had published poetry and short stories in The Adirondack Journal, Barely South Review, and over fifty other journals. Follow her on Twitter @reillypoet.