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Jeremy Hight

By September 26th, 2020No Comments

ice blink

Space star ashed infinity

mouth of eons  open in all directions

memory town of ash curls  to fall


Summer evening

The beehive inside rages of all unsaid

that night lit fire light red sunset burn


unfurl  utterance

unpeel nights past

unspool eons in your breath in a second here

untether the boats on the river that is day’s death into night

sunset cools the irons of temperature math of afternoon now

let me open something infinite brilliantine shards for you now

watch gold filaments firefly out into the night of this day



Let’s smear the horizon peanut butter on our fingertips here

let the news shout smear far over on the other day (the one of cities and roads )

Let the politicians unskin at night away from the cameras out of our view this time

let the world math crunch grind grit on other evenings and miles

let  the night ash with stars  now  breeze breathed and hushed



peninsula line and curve

waves beat their skeletons into froth in breeze

pale bottled sun descends

skitter scatter pop  foam

linger sinew gauze light

Roll rest  curl  ocean mouth air

my body is but a pale second shore as this day breaks onto its edges and ends





Dream-Pop-Press-Jeremy-HightJeremy Hight has an upcoming poetry book of broken memories and is the author of  What Remains (Free Dogma Press) and I am the Ghost Here (Be About It Press).