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Gabrielle Williams

By October 2nd, 2020No Comments

Seven Stone Sisters 

It’s more of a love story than a horror one

Sometimes the two are indistinguishable


We didn’t believe what our dreams told us:

A black and white vision of our insides on screen

little mallet       dried up           stayed behind


We used to fantasize we were anything other than this carcass mouth

The borders of our body foreign to us

No glittery honeymoon boys made shrines of our starless face

We were clean and dry

Boomeranging across their sleepy marigold hearts

We had wished to be bona fide

like cassette tapes          like clementines


Barefoot in a muddy field

Our trials hardly matter             but we try to make them

Our indecisiveness is not an excuse        but we use it anyway

You know what I mean—this is just one part of you

Everything is connected, but it’s not that important


Here is where it gets kind of interesting

They’ll teach us what talent is

Speak for yourself

Sell me your story

Show me what you can do

They’re gonna love you

When you close your eyes

to sleep at night




Persinette’s agoraphobic tendency is a geofence

A blueprint for the hush between valentines


This repression worsened her natural form

The tower        a jilted lover

An archive of little paper cutouts

Shadows for sky & sleep & star


She sings to vagabonds

and monarchs alike

She’s too clandestine

with her clarinet song

The mania traveling uphill

and controlling her tune


She has two heads

down in a dark grave

going nowhere

She nets her hair

around a salt lamp

She piles gray skin

into the cheeks of landfills


She goes

Let’s                  opera music

Let’s                  surprise party


It’s early

But there’s work to be done tomorrow

So the pot sings to her goodnight

So she piles her mane in secret

So she hides from the public

A stone floating on water





Gabrielle Williams received her MFA in Creative Writing from UNLV and her BA in Poetry from Columbia College Chicago. She has been nominated for the Best of the Net Anthology and two Pushcart Prizes. Her work has appeared in: Amazon’s Day One, Whiskey Island, Fairy Tale Review, LEVELER, Ghost Ocean, and others.