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Arielle Tipa

By September 26th, 2020No Comments

daughter – seed


          hello permafrost jubilee // muck in my gut // babysugar // all cramps and kitten tongue and gooseflesh and Houdini wine // you stillborn catcall // you hiss //


     muck-in-my-gut // ghost-white and beloved // give me a disregard for neighbors and sirens // give me a glass of old and pretty and expensive // give me buttery hair and a nosebleed // give me crawlspace in your warm undress //


      hello gut-muck // hailbine // pull-down // cursed cuscuta // diwali garland // hello spring



Note from the author:
daughter – seed is a poem I wrote consisting of numerous lines taken from previously-withdrawn and previously-rejected pieces.”






Arielle Tipa is a writer who lives near a haunted lake in New York. Her work has appeared in GrimoireMillennial Pink, among others, and is forthcoming in Ache. She is the founding editor of Occulum.