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Sara Wainscott

By September 26th, 2020No Comments

Walk into the mountains • if you
Shouldn’t then don’t

Enter the home of No One
If you wait I wait if I wait I wait

[Sub n for want] Shaking the pills from the orange plastic

Bottle and that morning had
Seen him out the door • two strong men

The narrow bed could roll
No One took up a microphone

To read what he wrote
So we can be alone

So we rejoin
Doubling and halving the quantities


Into sleep’s hole the living beings are said
To fall one animal as good

As any other (as good as death
I am thinking

O bathetic gymnastic)
A small town has a heated palace

In the school’s middle
The normative activities

Weighing the heaviest elements
Against the consequences

The scavenging angels
Hauling tightly bloated

Abdomens up and up
Tock-tock against the crystal

Chandelier droplets hymenoptera
Sad glamour in brand names

Do you see the chandelier was turning
Heavily inside its gold rays

Sound in a widening ring
rolled up against the gray house

Singing to be let in
Singing like a cat

To be worshipped our dead cat
You spoke to

Earlier this week at midnight
She was coming back

For the fiesta mama
When you die will I have to die

How fast were the angels going to break
Who did not wear lipstick

You were bored why that’s the point
Of postmodern cultural logic

The contemporary too is
Already post the gold

Skin they wanted to read about
The alien fuckbois’

Colonizing dongs
Bounced down our star cabins

With crushable
Velvet friendship temples

They wanted
To read the taut licked

Metal hairs sprung wildly
As though the elemental gem

Held them off
A bell’s tongue

Sounded longingly they
Thought this sound was a real

Shame having been melted down
The apple plucked

The human hands causing more sounds
More human than mouths

More mouths and more teeth more teeth nearer
The sinuses nearer the brain

Lo he fell (or low or lol)
In the garage what if he fell in the garage

Like a monster
Red engine in its crevices the dust

The fresh disappointment
Layers of it

The layers and layers the layered nodes
Burdock and crab grass and clovers

In Paris in Texas in Oregon
The sky when it walked





Sara-Wainscott-Dream-Pop-PressSara Wainscott’s recent work appears in DIAGRAM, The Journal Petra, Powder Keg, BOAAT, Fairy Tale Review, The Collapsar, and elsewhere. Her chapbook of sevenlings is forthcoming from dancing girl press (2017). She co-curates Wit Rabbit, an inter-genre reading series in Chicago.