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Krista Cox

By September 26th, 2020No Comments

x = agency

At one point, 100% of the men who’d fucked me

had raped me.

I didn’t do the math until I was well

under 50%. Eventually

I was dividing my legs just

to reduce that integer.

How many men have to bisect me

before statistical insignificance?

There are more variables than constants:

a: precise cloth-to-skin ratio

b: total ounces of liquid courage (his + mine)

y: the unwanted transversal of my lines

z: the sudden asymmetrical tilt of his facial features the moment I become

zn: a desert oasis mirage

zn+1: a three-course meal

What’s the equation for

hunger and thirst? Help me

solve for x.




Dream-Pop-Press-Krista-CoxFor money, Krista Cox is a paralegal. For joy, she’s an associate poetry editor at Stirring: A Literary Collection and Pittsburgh Poetry Review, and Program Director of Lit Literary Collective, a nonprofit serving her local literary community. Her poetry has appeared in Columbia Journal, Rappahannock Review, The Humanist, and elsewhere. She’s on the web at