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Robin Lee Jordan

By September 26th, 2020No Comments



Every cantaloupe is a stranger

So we go in


We’ve all ridden

delusions into the sunset


Your pancakes grin from their plate.

saying no one has to die.


No one has to slip into the sea

and never come back up.


I have more than one tiger

that loves me, a baby that doesn’t,


a beautiful map we draw

to your burial, a big owl,


mercy again,

we didn’t know.





Robin Lee Jordan is the coordinator of the Just Buffalo Writing Center, a free creative writing center for teens in Buffalo, NY, and received her MFA in poetry from Oregon State University. Her poetry and lyric prose have been published or are forthcoming in journals/anthologies such as Poor Claudia, alice blue review, Puerto del Sol, Paper Darts, Peach Mag, My Next Heart: New Buffalo Poetry (Blazevox), and Us Too: An Anthology of Withdrawn Poetry (Peach Mag).