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The Internet is Everywhere but Especially in My Heart

you want to touch my phone-limb, I want to email you into my uterus, we look almost nothing like
each other all anti-human, aspirationally blustered, pilled, I wish I never logged on, wish I could feel so
embodied, wish I was so myself that it made me scream, there is something so
connected-light-box-eternal between us and when I shut down, it’s not allowed, my ever-present
knowledge stream suffering from me to you, there is a difference between touching and not touching
but sometimes it is hard to tell exactly, you can scream into my day and remain anti-near, I don’t know
how to solve this horror but yet I am left with it, the internet is everywhere, but especially in my heart


Today You Are a Beautiful Woman

you woke up full of beauty standard
when the man at the deli says to you,
I want you to be 20 years old
you say, of course, I can be 20 years old
I can be 20 years old any time you like
you are youth-vicious
and temporal
in that, it stops and starts
whenever he pleases

when you meet a man on the bus and he says,
I am covering your head with a blanket
you, of course, are trying to bite his arm
you hope there is something comedic or
graceful about the biting
even though you know if your heart
that it’s not true

when you are walking finally,
and a man shouts at you on the street
and says, today you are a beautiful woman
you shout back, everything I learned about being a woman
I learned watching my mother eat a salad from a tupperware container
in that you mean, it all comes back to containment





Nora Rose Tomas is a queer writer based in New York City. You can follow them on instagram @dr_sappho.