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Leia Penina Wilson

By September 26th, 2020No Comments

In No Certain Terms We Assassinate

then we love/ my own body    an enchantment

no one really believes


in/ the middle of the room


there’s an apocalypse/ it’s carnival themed/ one woman

decked out in turquoise glitter bells hula hoops hula hoops


another body dances knives/ who knows how it will end


it’s hot here/ no cloud coverage no moist

heat coming beneath/ any moment might gulp us


mean desert flowers    thistle    & cunt/ has my life been intellectually thrilling

i wonder if it matters    the thirst    bodies all    slick of blood


dance whatever    of course/ there’s a fire breather


a lion taming/ there’s no more wilding/ mirrors

mirrors or it’s so bright everything seems reflected/ or we’re under water with four suns more suns than i remember going to sleep with/ everyone is having fun/ everyone is winning winning


nothing/ it seems/ surviving    yet


roar roar roar


this prize is yours    everyone is


going to die/ can you feel it/ the recognition

of what she is in other people’s eyes


In the Thrall of the Jaws of an Afternoon

there were only so many hiding places


my sister    total image of defeat

my sister    perfect bastard outside the rules


we play keep-away/ we keep wargods’ soul/ send his body    away

the crowds love this game they think it’s temporary


for you i break each of his legs    watch/ i breakbreakbreak


do you remember    we used to tie strings around firefly legs

we’d forget to let them go    do you think everyone else forgot


how to express truth    there’s not enough water/ and there’s too much/ we’re surrounded we’ll drown we might not ever find land/ i pray for winter/ i don’t want/ this spoilt


this apocalypse/ an opportunity to equalize    lyrically blue the blue segmented belly of a fat caterpillar that’ll break its own body to be a blue fat moth/ i think i’m going to kill them all/ i’m not even sorry about it/ cunts you’ve basked too long


let us enjoy what she says    no one in love really believes love will end   i think how true how tragic  


we never called the other by name/ sister always sister my sister/ did we lose ourselves then

sister always my sister/ i dream nothing is unified/ what’s all this soft matter for





Leia Penina Wilson is proudly Samoan. When she’s not reading YA lit, she likes to bake, mix drinks, pet animals, and play Magic the Gathering. Her first book, i built a boat with all the towels in your closet (and will let you drown) is published by Red Hen Press.