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Ann Ward

By September 26th, 2020No Comments

Or Was it a Brick

the girl i loved was bullying me so I said it was okay for me to smash her in the face with a rock, a big one, it tore up her face and some of her blonde hair and she was dead and so pissed off at me and I thought god you’re such a bully you’re such a fucking bitch and if I get back on your good side will you let me ride your horses will you let me stay at your ranch can I use your good guest towels or even the towel you used last night and this morning, the baby blue one with the gold lettering that you don’t like because hopefully soon, or soon enough, your initials will be changing? your scars have healed you’re alive again it’s really impressive you’re really so beautiful your hair is even shinier now let’s put me in jail your horses are even more cruel than you your name is so plain, your name is too plain for your grandeur shouldn’t you have a city an exotic plant or at least a car for a name but no you’re Sarah you’re Sarah and your horses are assholes and despite your tongue I know your face has never been touched before


We Were Both Floating and People Were Standing Up To See What I Would Do

The dead seal was there beside me when I opened my eyes

she was swaddled in the marriage quilt

pink flowers tied around her collar

& swipes of blood across her face like smeared


a grin





Ann-Ward-Dream-Pop-PressAnn Ward is an editor at Cosmonauts Avenue and Springhouse. Her work has appeared in No Tokens, CV2, Powder Keg, Washington Square Review, GlitterMob and elsewhere. Ann is an MFA candidate at UMass Amherst. You can stalk her easily at