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Je Baer

By September 26th, 2020No Comments





sad dirt caked, my hart

expounds on the reverb

-erations erratic land



summon green to

smolder, where you were

cupped faces palm

plain lightning split

cobble stone human

dwindling – reeternal

thunder struck hooves,

I gathered in the reprise


my limbed disjecta

& force fields close

around my body

a cabin for anger

no god comes home to


liquidate the plains

dontgothere dakota

cattle herders like you mean

it to go sauntering

home worlds I walked home prairie fires


of crying


thru yr face as lips cusped against

time disassembles you

fade my memory

muscles recall

horseflinches, when you


outro the saloon revolving




homestead hopespace’s

crash landed in the web

precision designs its

vulgar allegories

honestly done




III. space time


by the riven

things we desire


IV. left off


precipices word

hopes harmony

wills returns

impossible thru

the labyrinth: music


yr thread shreds


self luminous

deluge the plains I hoped for

the seas to       remercy you


ankle drenched

flex yr torso a perfect



to drowning



IV. hopes


space homeworlds almost

just      their cadence

cuts up                         the livingever under neath


jessica baer, the last

cosmonaut in space                                         foreverhorses, cosmologyyoked

drag its bed

the riled, stars revolt

from pasture fixation


I drilled a little bit

the landfall whatever

we can do without

water the body named


V. me


spoor tracker

descant alembic

all ways departing

from the fold earth

gave you to

grave grooves inside


the white flaked

mountain caps back

drop to fall apple

hurt deafening the structure

we were strictures applied

to us


namesake mistook for

home planets familiar

companion my animal/splinters

the bodies rote

understanding of

touching close by

death itself I mean

the code


you cipher with


handles me,


I grow moss: a heliotrope


V. signals curve



weave-sign      the atmosphere

radio active

decay   limitrophes


of the nothing

you came in with

crystal mine drifters

& gone


vi. when you






thrumming crystals in the lost

whorl’d flowers strip

thru yr skins sentence

to salt scattered trans

literate the lightning

abound earth



its chords all

we have instead

quarried out

of fissures-crying


VI. crystalstruck


gloam heaven

of slopes facets

diamonds: mine

not this time


VII. a redolent god faces vary

similitude: that molten re



after-pastures we were

still there slow            burners

music bronzed waves fall

to curls, keep receding

to me – a word’s reflection

copes with the sun setsaid

horse is green              wrecks the reef ship wrecks

shadows befall originary

hope predated: minerals

mine    ploughed aside                        you were, till there      aureolesmoking cusps touch, us

the grain

mine    knowing yr

exit exit



diamonds, but not this time





Je Baer received their MFA from Brown University in 2017. They have a chapbook with Magic Helicopter Press (Holodeck One) and have been included in journals such as Prelude Mag, Pinwheel, and Bone Bouquet.