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Jane Boxall

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Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ was auto-translated through the languages listed in the footnotes. By only removing words from the auto-translations, the following verses were created:




Line: you are a beautiful woman.

This is what you want.


Content, they use the world.

Satisfaction: nothing good.

Oh girl, let’s go!


This is what you want.

God, we have no chance.




Her mother told her when she was traveling to her life

Oh, boy, I’m not happy.

You just want to read the sky, midnight.


How do women go?

Everything’s fine. Really good.


Oh, women, they have to be happy.

And women have no invoices.

Everyone wants a nice husband.

I want a farmer.


Oh, it’s delicious.

Everything’s fine.

It’s good …




My mother told me how to live.

My father listened to work in life.


Work every day.

I want it.

I use it.

Girls want to work.


And it’s in the ground, coming in the morning.




It is green.

Come on.


Phone hour:

talk about your life, my day, security.


Do you know that there are other people,

some places in the world?


My mother was not happy. It should be one of us.

Women should focus.




This little girl wants to eat.

It’s a good thing …


What is my life?

How can I get the right truck?


I do not want to go to the sun.

There is another secret in the world.


By the hand, here – the number –

the girl wants to be loved.




I know what you’re doing.

Women want women, and women regret women.


The night is over.

Mother is not the winner.




What does my mother say if you are comfortable?

Women want to call

all these things work-miracles.


Hide around the world. The end of day is valid.

At night, the phone-cry:

Dad wants to know you’re still alive.




1 Afrikaans-Albanian-Amharic-Arabic-Armenian-Azerbaijani-Basque-Belarusian-Bengali-Bosnian-Bulgarian-Catalan- Cebuano-Chichewa-Chinese(Simplified)-Chinese(Traditional)-English
2 Corsican-Croatian-Czech-Danish-Dutch-English-Esperanto-Estonian-Filipino-Finnish-French-Frisian-Galician-Georgian-German-Greek-English
3 Gujarati-Haitian Creole-Hausa-Hawaiian-Hebrew-Hindi-Hmong-Hungarian-Icelandic-Igbo-Indonesian-Irish-Italian- Japanese-Javanese-Kannada-English
5 Marathi-Mongolian-Myanmar-Nepali-Norwegian-Pashto-Persian-Polish-Portuguese-Punjabi-Romanian-Russian-Samoan- Scots Gaelic-Serbian-Sesotho-English
6 Shona-Sindhi-Sinhala-Slovak-Slovenian-Somali-Spanish-Sundanese-Swahili-Swedish-Tajik-Telegu-Thai-Turkish-UkrainianEnglish
7 Urdu-Uzbek-Vietnamese-Welsh-Xhosa-Yiddish-Yoruba-Zulu-English




Jane Boxall is an adventurous percussionist and poet, working internationally across diverse genres. Her poetry has been published recently by Hungry Hill Writing, Poems Please Me, and Ó Bhéal, and less-recently in Just Seventeen magazine.

































6 Shona-Sindhi-Sinhala-Slovak-Slovenian-Somali-Spanish-Sundanese-Swahili-Swedish-Tajik-Telegu-Thai-Turkish-Ukrainian- English

7 Urdu-Uzbek-Vietnamese-Welsh-Xhosa-Yiddish-Yoruba-Zulu-English