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Ari Lisner

By October 28th, 2021No Comments

I am Philip Roth Again #1

I am Philip Roth again
I bought a new gold watch and my center part is working out

I’m him again when I’m driving in Jersey and looking at the trees
How woody they are
Leafless and touching each other

It all feels very positive
These worlds that I have dipped my toes in
That cannot exist simultaneously





Ari Lisner is a poet, journalist, and researcher based in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Their writing has been featured in GQ, Allure, Health, Peach Mag, Pan Pan Press, and Funny Looking Dog Quarterly. Their work aims to capture queer living, intimacy, and culture, often against the backdrop of New York City and its iconography. Find them on Instagram as @arisbarmitzvah.