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Adam Strauss

By August 1st, 2021No Comments

Torqued, unto a portal

Thrummed              ere hoofs revel, hover

Half-notes in the         in

Nocturns of the quartet—exiled its score

At the center         at the stone

Whorl          fixes square to its orbit

Through which the center of            Carcassonne

Slips, like a glass          of Pilsner in the east

End of London, in the heart—quartered into


            courses litmus

                                 mists hard-hot electrics.



In a beautiful            in a day cut

By sun       picks a lock to

Shine       whose shimmer

Turns to patina        turns

Like a flower         like a flower

Drafted in steel       lit by stars

Across a river         threads that which outskirts

Carcassonne, that step by        step through

The lock       keeps the telos        and telescopes

All the and all        the way to

The Camargue—revelations of

Flamingoes in the shadows of bulls

And feed         in divots made by salt-colored horses.





Adam Strauss lives in Louisville, KY. Poems of his appear in the Brooklyn Rail and New American Writing. He adores the early canvasses of Marc Chagall.