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Zack Anderson

By September 26th, 2020No Comments

Rite de Printemps

And I’ll go no more a-maying

dismayed in thermotropic crosshairs


today I coated myself in aspirin

I was resplendent in my coat

down in the willow garden

sucking on bark until my ears rang

and then imperiously through the grove


on a mare with a Daventry mask

ghastly slanders inscribed in its layers

of pressed paper muffled in velvet


I try to speak through the opening

my words catch in the paper


I drowned a maenad in an alpen spring

just weeks before the annual thaw

carried us all down the mountain


a dandelion walks into a meadow

of wildflowers and blows itself away

I plant the lion’s tooth to grow a bigger cat

and ride into town on the back of it

wearing only the masked mare’s head

disporting under sodium floodlights


the fish trees are in bloom again

I’m going over the falls in a barrel bomb





Zack-Anderson-Dream-Pop-PressZack Anderson received his MFA from Notre Dame in 2017.  His writing has appeared in Muse/AEntropy, Smoking Glue GunDelugeThe Kenyon Review, and American Microreviews and Interviews.  He lives in the Rocky Mountains.