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Travis Sharp

By September 26th, 2020No Comments

“Yes, I am a corpse flower” 




After sitting us down

explaining myself

the rules and regulations

you don’t understand you sweat

out an endless salt

of questions I arrange

the salt on the fields

and in the famine

you echo

this is the meat

this is your meat

I meatless and you

meaty and I meaty

and you meatless and

if I was meant

to be a plant

a divine oopsie-daisy

would I instead secrete

secrets in multicolored

omnivectored roots

that bend fashionably

as if a wrist

my plant language seeping

through soil spreading

gossip the language of

survival sal/i/vation

the deer

the birds

the lonely men

speaking to all who

can hear my roots

their subtle vibrations

a network of

networked limns

limn me,

limn me!

a network of


we interpollinate






What does it mean to

personify you


a plant

dutifully watered




All that glitters is me resonant

reverberations are me my


a shimmy-me-timbers

in the bed!

Hey man, do you want my


Yes, I’m a corpse flower

Yes, I’m a rot in a bag

Yes, I’m

My femmebot icequeer heart of

none-stone hard

of hearting

My arousal is circuitry

My emotions is circuitry

My nerves is circuitry

My me is my wirestem thrumming

My well-oiled cunt brings all the ravenous insects to the yard, their beards untrimmed, their cocks swinging.

One asks if he can wax my chassis. He chuckles, looks around. I say yes. I say yes please. I say please.

He waxes my chassis. He wanes my rest.




Always so


refusing to


space &

unable to center

itself not sure how

to say in

terms I’ll


I can’t recall if

language can

cross the blood

brain barrier

I mean

the tongue doesn’t

bend that way

I mean

is there a somatic

intervention for this

I mean

is I the corpse flower

or is the corpse flower me?





Travis Sharp is a queer writer and book artist living in Buffalo, NY, with his cat, Emily Dickinson. He’s an editor and designer at Essay Press and is an editorial collective member of Small Por[t]ions. His poems, essays, interviews, and other things have appeared with Columbia Poetry Review, LIT, Puerto del Sol, Entropy, The Conversant, Fact-Simile, and in other places. With Aimee Harrison and Maria Anderson, he co-edited Radio: 11.8.16 (Essay Press, 2017), a collection of responses to the 2016 US Presidential election.