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PoetryVisual Poetry & Erasure

Stephanie Lane Sutton

By September 26th, 2020No Comments

Emergency Department Aftercare Instructions



//The Sexual Reproduction of Birds and Fish


#define at.birth


var array = [x; xx; xy; yy; zz; zw;]


void (set-up) {




void (loop) {


if (bird) {

flicker finger flight;

} else if (cloaca) {

a common cavity;

} else {

prepared receptacle;

} else {

spiral shooter;



if (fish) {

histriophic.viviparity(womb feed);

} else if (ovuliparity) {

external fertilization;

} else if (oviparity) {


} else if (blank) {

do nothing;



if ([i] =< chromosome) {

radiant.x, radiant.y;

} else if ([i] >= chromeo) {

chrome limo;

} else if ([i] == chromo.dome) {

filthy feathers;

dull itchy scales;

} else if (brass) {

little male figure;

wrinkly toadstool guy;

} else if (belly) {

henna on a shell;

a rare whale breath;

} else if (bowel) {

hips without thighs;

thighs without hips;





The Spontaneous Sentence Production of Genie

Curtiss, Susan. “The Linguistic Development of Genie the Feral Child.” Language, 1974, pp. 133–137.


yellow balloon

wet blouse

big feet

bad boys


love Marilyn

like powder

shake hand

stocking white

Curtiss sick


Genie love Curtiss


want more soup

Mark mouth hurt

Valerie mother coat

Valerie mother purse

Little white clear box


small two cup

little bad boy


No more father

No more take wax

No more have


Cereal kitchen

Play gym


Want go shopping

Like chew meat


Want buy toy refrigerator

Want go walk Ralph


On chair


Genie laughing

Curtiss coughing

Tori eating bone


Grandma gave me cereal

Took off


Like horse behind fence

Like good Harry at hospital

I like wheelchair in hospital


In hospital, shot hurt arm

After dinner have cookie


Curtiss give me valentine

Grandma gave me cereal

Grandpa give me cookie chew


Another house have dog

Another house blue car


Willie slap my face

My house

My pennies


No more have

No more ear hurt

No like hospital

No stay hospital

Not have orange record

Not good fish tank






Stephanie Lane Sutton is a Michener Fellow in the University of Miami’s Creative Writing MFA Program. Previously, she lived in Chicago, where she studied poetry at Columbia College Chicago and was a teaching artist with After School Matters. She was born in Detroit. Her poems have recently appeared in Day One, Arsenic Lobster, Moonsick Magazine, Tinderbox Poetry, THRUSH Poetry Journal, and Jai-Alai Magazine. She is a co-founding editor of |tap| lit mag.