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s.c. bostwick

By September 24th, 2020No Comments

broken horses

                                               —after twin shadow


would your touch /     unlike my shrinking fingers know
want from a wet /               kneading my seeping open
roughening up? /       who you gonna /
like that?


yes, your concupiscence /          molten my dripping hard-handed
on a slow tongue /             &             tangled in your sanguine hips
until my glowing runs /           you /
with your hair all down


small of my back to /      small of a salty palm press
quiver comes how /     puddle me white cinder-gaping
much harder /           everyone watched when we /
in the room


do i have to beg? / who am i gonna / like that?
please / let me be your broken horses






s.c. bostwick is a nonbinary trans poet born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. They are a second year MFA candidate in poetry at Notre Dame. They are currently working on a collection centered around nature, trauma, addiction, gender, personhood, and, of course, a mother’s love.