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Visual Poetry & Erasure

Rebecca Martin

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“Alter/Altar” is an erasure performed on included primary source excerpts in Jacqueline Murray’s “Twice Marginal and Twice Invisible: Lesbians in the Middle Ages.”
“Figure 1…” and “Figure 2…” are in direct conversation with Mounawar Abbouchi’s side-by-side translation of Yde and Olive.
“in the archaeological survey…” includes maps from Robert V. Riordan’s 1987 archaeological survey of the of portions of the Mound Facility, Montgomery County, Ohio.
“Filmed on Location at Zabriskie Point” utilizes all lines of dialogue (italicized, left-hand column) spoken by actress Joan Marsh in the season one Twilight Zone episode, “The Lonely” (1959).





Rebecca Martin (she/her) creates poetry that centers queer womanhood through the personal, familial, and political, simultaneously in conversation with and troubled by the parameters of history and myth. Her work has most recently appeared in print in Oroboro, Birdcoat Quarterly, Everything in Aspic, and Pretty Owl Poetry, among others. She is a second-year MFA candidate at Oregon State University, where she is also the poetry editor for literary magazine 45th Parallel.