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PJ Lombardo

By September 18th, 2020No Comments

Cementerio La Tablada 1972

to Alejandra Pizarnik

No mute no muzzle tonight i twist
a wave a blanket a cocoon tomorrow locusts
will bust earth’s

core raw scarlet spewing licking
with lashes & beams like a seasick
moon it’s clear:

Death is that’s                            it o
ver & out radi
owaves fizz & evap
orate in slow gulps is the tomb
brisk does it zip tell me Zarn Eek i want
this godsent ballgag outta
my jaw for wingspans eter
nal i want eyes crossed i
want lips blued




from the morphine martyrs to the hung-head picketers,

i squat in my cabin cupboard & gather soup cans. i won the apocalypse

now i’m drowning in bunk footsteps. rolled eyes & central heating

pulverize oxygen beams. trite dionysus. flower child gloomy, plastic trophy

for a windpipe. newspapers charred black through packed chamber,

through loaded bong. the avalanche won’t spin

sex. my mascara maintains drip & the payphone needs wreckingball. in visions, i’m back

noshed in time-teeth, lungheavy.

nostalgia sadfucks me through textbook scowl. i voyeur exhaled dragontails

as they wisp, pray my skin soon run clear.





PJ Lombardo is a lifelong poet from northern New Jersey. His first chapbook is available online through Susquehanna University’s 2017 Corona Press. He is currently an MFA candidate at the University of Notre Dame and a publishing intern for Action Books.