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Philip Davison

By November 23rd, 2022No Comments

Autonomic Surge

Riding the flux
hunting cracks,
on feet that are not our own
in the dark,
which explains in part
the non-elective elevation
provided by
a pair of plastering stilts.
The crayon is worked
on a floating surface,
wax lining the perimeter
of a thing that is desirable
and mysterious,
but nonetheless
might run reel to reel,
in part, at least.

For better or worse
it must be hooked and dragged
into the light
for engineering.


It Has Come to This

Ah – the horn of rebuke,
and the hoary hand that works it
is mine.
It is me
wanting everybody to know
metropolitan cleavage is demanded,
a sonorous parting with bone fingers
will do.
I have had enough
you will know
and I cannot help it,
but you can help me.
Each one of us has
our fibre optic connection to
the cosmos
and we know when it is
being twanged.
Most obstructionists are
reasonable people,
you know the cruel majesty of
unridable frustration,
you have ranted and raged
with the best of them
so, let me say
we are in it together.
Now, out of the way,
ya bastards.





Philip Davison lives in Dublin. He has published nine novels. Quiet City is his most recent work. He writes radio drama. He has written two television dramas and one stage play. He co-wrote Learning Gravity, a BBC Storyville documentary on poet and undertaker, Thomas Lynch. His poems have appeared in various journals.