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Nicoliza Teixeira

By January 9th, 2022No Comments

online window 

shopping birdbrain

spy wear versatility 

          villanelle egging on lovesick cyber-stalking
          after Leslie Uggams & Caroll Spinney
          link up for a huge novelty variety show

I comeback like boomerang. knowing. you will not. I am doing this
for us. for the three of us. I’ll go to pot if there’s some fourth raptor,
so I check fire safety in wire-webbed wastebasket for nesting grounds.
I built off pair. attach hatched. sequenced number must stay together.  

I saw pecker beaks go mad. seen eggs actually. split b4. how it is done.
knowing you, I comeback. a like. ugh. don’t faint. stop. I am doing this
with pleasure. bleak pleasure. for our rough ruff. you know how I am

weak. I must pay attention to all turn-ons. any thing that could catch.
I check all nonflammable pages. gathering to build up my hutch hunch.
I care about you both. impersonating. I stick my neck out for us. peep
holing. talentedly. patrolling for burden. caught on feelings. ice screens.

back. like boom. ring. come. I know you will not cuz I am. doing this,
I trip when you are up to some thing. entwined lines come up to roost.
fried wingman rubber chknin traffic jam. grits better around the bend.
I check flame-retardant pages on how you will go. erect. coup de coop.

all the fish in god’s coloring book got wings to fly. if conditions were
different. alien cowardice made us come together. family season gone,
I comeback like boomerang. knowing you will not do this. I am. cuz.
fire. check. web. waste. basket. case. empty. trash. nest. save. grounds. for



after everything comes up Liza on The Muppet Show

u realize. all lies. u shoulda stopped his shakin’ chops
from ebbin’ on into candor. u have to call out LIZA
MINNELLI from the get-go, or else his fragrant lines
live to a grave & ur left stabbin’ at hangin’ from bluff.

queens taught u how to see right thru flora fabrications,
but ur difficult as a daisy. tangled w/in ur own webbin’,
u let his wise lies spread news thru u, just so as to believe
he gave ur figure the time of great daze u deserved. shoulda

caught it from the start when it’s gay as LIZA MINELLI
& it’s ars gratia arts if it’s Garland or Gumm that made it
to noir moon & age is nothin’ but a number for u to save
in phone with a family plan nobody else need know about.

u shoulda called LIZA like u weren’t about to tolerate an-
other thorn’s prick. u learned from ur past & tho u never
got the point of Sabina’s pinned-bowler hat, u understood
crimes of passion & over ur dead body, u’d feel that again.

u shoulda called LIZA before all that Juicy Fruit smackin’
thru smoke & mirrors for ur private detective series, actin’
takin’ a fag, puff, drag, hit, like u didn’t love him to death,
was the same thing as the string et tu pulled behind ur back.

u shoulda called LIZA in before it all went to cemetery
plot & u went on the fritz for industry of business deceit,
showin’ off murder behind closed doors. every spun yarn
u valued about ur vision was a shade deception unravelin’.

sins of lyin’ father promised a comic heaven of lily-white lies
like god’s gifted river-bent sketch of ocean-blue removal of true
Native American Indians, in order to create Hollywood, holds
no connections w/blueprints of Holocaust internment camps,

but that fib isn’t to scale w/his affairs for ur saxophone heart.
ur words r knives that avoid ghastly silent noose, but u can’t tell
ur self sweet upliftin’ LIZA, like u have too much charisma to
be struck by his sharp, unsterile line & go slidin’ down it sput-

terin’ sorely slow, gushin’ in agony, focusin’ on all that time
lost, wishin’ u had called LIZA MINNELLI when it was as
innocent as a torn-leaf clover, thrown into a shiny, shallow
puddle, reflectin’ his unbridled brass, impotent to pull u un—





Nicoliza Teixeira idolizes Liza from behind smoky screens (@muppoet) in cabanas of New York, New York.