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M; Margo

By September 26th, 2020No Comments

my gender autocompleted

my gender is a little late today

my gender & i are still rookies in the near future

my gender understands the rug in your bathroom on the back of the toilet

my gender asks for three references other than previous employers or relatives who live in trailers & it’s not intentional or malicious

my gender can figure something out at some point

my gender has been pretty busy for me

my gender likes to be a good roommate

my gender says “where do you live now?”

my gender wants to date me & i don’t know what you did

my gender knows what kind of goofballs will be out & about with you

my gender goes to sleep & has a dream & the language is meant to mimic the language of dreams but there’s not really any hidden meaning or secret code

my gender may be a few minutes late today





M; Margo is a person who writes and resides in Cleveland, Ohio. They are Founding Editor of Zoomoozophone Review and Publicity Director for Gold Wake Press. Their most recent books include yr yr (Ghost City Press, 2017) and Blueberry Lemonade (Bottlecap Press, 2015).