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lauren samblanet

By December 14th, 2022No Comments

from alien reincarnation

TW: sexual assault. using the Alien films as a jumping off point, these poems play with fanfiction and film analysis as a portal to process the speaker’s feelings about her rapes and instincts to survive that violence.















lauren samblanet is a poet and hybrid writer who cross-pollinates with other forms of making & other makers of forms. some of her poems have been published in a shadow map: an anthology by survivors of sexual assault, fence, dreginald, entropy, bedfellows, the tiny, crab fat magazine, and aglimpseof. she is a teacher and facilitator who runs reinventing creative process, which offers experiential workshops that play with mindfulness and somatic modalities to help makers build more embodied, pleasurable, and emotionally safe creative practices. you can find more of her work here: