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Julia Rubin

By September 18th, 2020No Comments

All the Moons


We’re eating stuffed grape leaves underneath
hanging plants in a turkish cafe talking about
Jupiter. Is it too soon
to fall in love?
You say Jupiter has 79 moons
most of them covered in ice.

One day I can’t stop crying. You suggest ice
cream and a walk. Tell me more about the oceans underneath,
I say.  Europa is the only moon
people want to talk about.
Europa is the moon everyone loves.
They say we could find life there soon.

Is it too soon
to get sucked in? I joke — my heart is ice.
I don’t know much about love
or space or the underneath.
I say tell me about
all the moons.

Ganymede is the largest moon
in our solar system. It doesn’t feel too soon
to talk about
how your eyes keep changing colors. Ice
blue at night. Green grey in the morning underneath
the quilted ceiling. Why isn’t everyone in love

with Ganymede? We should all love
the only moon
with a magnetic field, a whole salty ocean underneath.
There’ll be a mission soon
to crack the ice,
see what it’s all about.





Julia Rubin is a writer and poet living in Rhode Island. She received her MFA in fiction from UMass Boston. Her work has been published in The Collapsar, Mortar Magazine, Typo Magazine, Hello Giggles, and Bust Magazine.