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Griffin Ward

By September 26th, 2020No Comments

Flower Area

a free and loose association of gestures of the hands

a free and loose association of the specific gestures associated with words

eventually wildflowers will spontaneously grow from that abandoned lot

I took your hand

and yours too

I took all the hands and in a psychic gesture tried to put them all together but nothing really happened

(so wait and see)

a loose association of eyes watching out for the right conditions, for the unique alchemy of a certain place and a certain time

(rare, not to be repeated)

A loose association of hands working to build words,

or picking wildflowers and redistributing the seeds

maps read out of a series of tan lines

and erasing all the lines on another map

a tall tall lighthouse


a free and loose association of discrete points in space and time, and the complete amalgam of the territories between them





Griffin Ward is a writer and artist whose day job right now is delivering flowers on a bicycle. Originally from Louisville, KY, and currently living in Baltimore, MD, with many stops in between. Their writing has up till now only appeared in zine print tests distributed to a few friends. Contact or follow through instagram @002fa7