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Emily Brandt

By September 26th, 2020No Comments

Liminal Dose

in   this corridor     brush  a  coat

along  white   wall     a stripe


of paint    shoulder bladed

forever   a pulse   thudding


out crickets from the   wrists

and what else within  wanting   out


and what else within

wanting out   what  words


some objects  (here,

a list )   brushed  acrylic


or with   butter

glisten gold  expected like


a biscuit does not

expect  a  fist


or finger or a face

like a finger or a face


wants to find a  hole

wanting out   what words


shoulder blade  along

what walls  and brush


acrylic gold  what dark mood

hello now  like a face





Emily-Brandt-Dream-Pop-PressEmily Brandt is the author of three chapbooks: Sleeptalk or Not At All (Horse Less Press), ManWorld (dancing girl press) and Behind Teeth (Recreation League). Her poems have recently appeared in Gigantic SequinsLitHub, The Recluse, The Wall Street Journal, Washington Square Review, and other journals. She’s the recipient of Fellowships from New York University, Saltonstall Arts Colony, and Poets House. Emily is a co-founding editor of No, Dear and Web Acquisitions Editor for VIDA.