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Dylan Willoughby

By July 8th, 2022No Comments

In the Night She Wishes

Convocations of distant selves
The cavil of oratorios
Leafless trees you said
xxxxxxxdripped with angels
In the marrow of darkness
xxxxxxxthe night’s weak lamp
“I love my scars. I love my scars.”
The light remains prodigal.
Thorn and throne
Like jasper and carnelian
xxxxxxx— the ransomed trove —
Fear as the dead see
Fear.   Oblate Hades
obscures the burning keys.
Rising, she deaths death,
Prelate to last-gasped breath.




Dylan Willoughby has had 3 limited-edition poetry chapbooks published by Chester Creek Press. His poems have appeared widely in the US and UK, including in Denver Quarterly, CutBank, Sparrow’s Trombone, and other journals.