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Daniel Smith

By September 26th, 2020No Comments


Eyed breezescape
along graywalk,
heavywring decided.

Clinking trinketual
foreheads turngrave
through rainbled

forthcrudded bodies.
Forging lightdone
homemeant skin

reelless weeping,
limbpond nothings
can’t questiondeaden.

Streets burysunned
soon, doorglues
admitting heartzeroes

borrowkeyed perfectly
in, thunderdearing
past iconoleaves.

Rerereturn hailguts
clothesskied to
lovers’ meltwounds;

warmshadowed two,
windowbowled, forgetting
saltcrawled regrets

each otherhallowed;
tearing iridefenseless.
Summer brokenspeaking

flickerlush blankets
till lightningstilledprone.
Echolipped, believing

sundifferent forgiveness.