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Ben Roylance

By September 26th, 2020No Comments

For Cass McCombs


How much farther do we get with this naming?

“For Kurt Cobain,” Clark Coolidge


Step into the dead oak,
Take away all light, every glimmer

“Subtraction,” Cass McCombs




 That’s bitter

The oneiric face

Its differences


I won’t name you

It’s not fair


Again with the saint

Intraocular breath

Domain and expulsion


I won’t name you

It’s insincere




Genres of laughter


I fed coins in

To loon’s smooth beak


And you watched

Combing your hair

Such a laugh, come


Now I’m being real




Hermit’s asking



Uncorking, contracting

Let thought to eat



That’s the smiling ascending

I had in heart, finally


North leads up

You see a frightful cave

And you call me a name




Man is just

Where I’m from


Like a star

Chilling the air


On earth cold


I could never name it




Solar mildew

Huddling on day moon


Cancelling creation

Another willing element


I wish things were different

It’s spring again

Some birds are swimming






Ben Roylance is a ufoccultist and poet from Allentown, PA living in Amherst, MA.