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Ariel Clark-Semyck

By September 26th, 2020No Comments

the ballad of clam shell cud


clam, 24 yrs old, looking for:

1) mr. runaway, with secret bloodbuzz

2) mr. baby, afraid of brainy daughters

3) mr. city, with lemonworld apartment

4) mr. conversation, starts fake gospel

5) mr. anyone’s, lit-up & little



clam, inform your celibate phantom:

by one knowing sailor, your

sleeping sea split

by one caring comet, your

red berry pressed


clam, inform your pending celibate past:

a weird turn-on is the new black



how this cemetery golden boy

reel a girlfriend back with

shakespeare’s charming barbarism,

oscillate a girlfriend with

some bigmouth half-joke,

some half-death vicar hand



a dancing tree with mistletoe words,

a boa constrictor courtesan,

a boudoir rodeo,

a sun-man with a guitar goodbye



screw the baby-boy’s mint high!

i want a friday the 13th night,


gone between here & kyoto


the lullaby cut is just,

in blood-end we trust.




before your lazy heart

needs wishbone contact,

case its tiny

red rendezvous


in everything that’s


“what?” &




like anchor bachelorette ancestors,

i have hidden in submarine sonnets

& the dark oceania hyperballad


i will sacrifice the heirloom headphones

& have someone cradle me

in the mouth’s cosmogony,

sun & thunderbolt in unison



gone in the sleep machine,

we bag the night, taste the

window to the extraordinary anything, we—


the sullen daredevil & the paper girl


o’’sailor sick & pure,

i want your criminal imagination,

your carrion valentine,

your werewolf love


i want your first, your every single child




clam & i &

the fiction of

a women’s century


we dress-up in blue dialogue,

we console in a photo of

jonathan & david

freak & apostle love



pandora’s luck

overfloweth & i’m no



no, i’m no

fifty-fold clown


pitch the angelhood &

know my truth, bluebeard-baby:


i’m a garland of grenades

i wax & wane blood

i’m a pearly-dewdrops bitch


Source Material: song titles from The National, The Shins, The Smiths, The Magnetic Fields, The Cure, Architecture in Helsinki, Björk, Fiona Apple, Belle & Sebastian, and Cocteau Twins






Ariel Clark-SemyckAriel Clark-Semyck is a recent graduate from the University of Notre Dame. She lives in Chicago where she serves as a part-time henchwoman for various places of business. Her poems and reviews have been published in or are forthcoming in Witch Craft Magazine, The Nottingham Review, Third Coast Review, and Re:Visions.