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Amanda Kusek

By April 24th, 2021No Comments


@Channel: You think you’re resilient
like, unstoppable
and then every favorite comfort
is ripped away and the
deep, moist hole is too much to bear
too much space to carry
too heavy even for yoga-carved arms

@Channel: My Wires are frayed
rubbed between two bad palms
my wires are frayed
joy can’t circuit through
my wires are frayed
starting a fire
and not the kind that burns
beneath us but the kind
that takes and burps ash.





Amanda Kusek published her debut book of poetry, Night Bodies, in 2019. Her poetry has been published in Call Me Brackets, Dear Damsels, Every Pigeon, and EntropyMag’s Enclave, among others. Her co-written screenplay “Harvest” won the 2020 Horror Category at Big Apple Film Fest and she was a featured poet at the 2017 Westmoreland Arts & Heritage Festival. Amanda also maintains her own blog at Amanda lives in New York City with her fiancé and Jack Russell Terrier, Ajax.