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A.D. Harper

By January 1st, 2022No Comments

2600 hertz

The twelve things I know about my condition I learned in the waiting room. This is not the arbitration you called. Bring me solution-based problems. The tipping point is either price or marketing but not both, according — Hyperspace is a necessary device in space opera. To get from A to . Or: ships that house a population that will reproduce for generations. Or: don’t read that stuff. Improve yourself, banish genre from all inventory. I feel abysmal. I could use a holiday. I could use the fuck out of a holiday. What they don’t tell you about middle age is that the sun gets brighter, everything’s more vivid. The walls are pulsing like they’re breathing. Nothing is safer than scuba diving. If you tell me in confidence I will blame it on piracy.



Lamplighter variance (2)

more nuanced / altered but you’re / between friends

among / copies of / the weather

hooked up / with jet setters / a fight

boss a / plan to transform / the readers

you’re / stolen again by / the militants

everyone’s changed / you’re wearing / love

there’s a / rule nobody’s / human

when / you’re ambushed / you’ll be saved

by the memory/ of wrestlers’ cigars / and hair

you hitchhiked / out of trouble / when life

spiralled / and you touched his / skin 

nobody knows / the pain of / being unable but

everyone / embraced that pain / back then



Lamplighter variance (3)

some have it / some don’t like / poker tells

the eyes the twitch / it’s a question of / empathy

nerves are makers / diminutive / machines

I’m dying in slow / motion and / half-clothed

it’s the twist / and the barely / assenting

pirouette / over the mythology / the fan service

the detective / and / his fur 

there’s an owl / and a magician / who can’t remember

if you smoke / but she does / as you’re hunting

down a reference in / your raincoat / the numinous

the snake bite / the trademark twins / estranged

his voice / turned tricks to make / things easier

they say / it’s all one take / but there’s a cut





A.D. Harper‘s poetry has appeared in Strange Horizons, The Manchester Review, and The Interpreter’s House, among others. He tweets @harpertext.