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Sean Cho Ayres

By September 18th, 2020No Comments

Steps to a New World

[ some call it sadness ]but I’m starting to think it [is much more than that.]


Read the gospel of Luke.
Stop after Peter returns
with a net full of fish.

Forget the meaning
of water.

When I point to the ground
and say water
we will all become holy.

Look one God is spitting
on the sidewalk while Another
holds a pocket knife to the neck
of a Third. One God is asking
Another for pocket change,
while a group of Gods
are covering their bodies
in war paint and drawing
X’s over other Gods’ temples.


i said new
not better
never mentioned saving
i mean this [ ] that you’ve been blaming
on your body or your body
being stuck
to this world [ ]





Sean Cho A. is the associate editor Sean Cho A. is the Associate and Social Media Editor for THRUSH Poetry Journal and an MFA candidate at the University of California Irvine. His work can be ignored or future-found in Pleiades, Salt Hill, The Journal and elsewhere. Sean’s manuscript Not Bilingual was a finalist for the Write Bloody Publishing Poetry Prize.