Spring 2018



Isobel O’Hare: “Some of our readers might be aware that I lost my father while working on Issue Four, so I would like to use my space here in the editor letter to share a poem he helped me revise 5 years ago (he even gave it its title) and to dedicate this issue to David Vaughan (December 31, 1948-February 28, 2018).”







Carleen Tibbetts: “Much has transpired since the last issue of Dream Pop was released.  I was overjoyed for the publication of Isobel’s first collection, All This Can Be Yours, (I just finished reading it, and it’s essential).  I was also thrilled to receive the news that White Stag accepted my first full-length collection for publication in 2019 and that Radioactive Cloud accepted the short version for their inaugural chapbook series for Fall 2018. So much exquisite poetry happenings for us editors, and we had no shortage of lovely, unique work from which to curate Issue Four. Getting an acceptance can mean so much to a writer, especially if a creative offering was a way for that writer or artist to chronicle or work through a trauma.  In the matrix of constructed social media personas, the anaesthetized news feeds, and gratification of the ‘like’ economy, it moves me so much to see writers and artists post about a Dream Pop acceptance, especially when they go into detail about the story behind the work, something that was not in a bio or cover letter.  It’s so humbling, and such a special feeling. I look forward to the treasures that will come our way as we open for chapbook submissions this summer…”


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