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May 2022
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Jun 03 2022


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Blue Field Mythologies: A Dream Pop Author Reading

Celebrate Dream Pop’s 5th anniversary with a reading from our most recent chapbook authors, Kym Cunningham, Ryan Downum, and Nicholas Teixeira!

“new mythologies reads like an ancient text encoded with secret wisdom, tacit  magics, and the body’s truths. Cunningham reminds me that the shape shifter shifts shapes at her/their own pace in this series of poems that astonishingly generate their own occasion. Through syntactical infidelity, Cunningham cracks the briny shell of language in order to bring forth a vibrational being, a roux ga roux moving neither inward nor outward but allward. Accept the invocation; melt into the murmuration.” – Candice Wuehle, author of MONARCH (Soft Skull Press) and Death Industrial Complex (Action Books).


“I love how this frighteningly assured, sharp-aimed little book of animal poems gets at the weirdness of nature. Part minimalist narrative, part maximalist theater, the book takes place at the meeting point of Merwin and Aase Berg, Cormac McCarthy and Gerard Manley Hopkins. Ryan, I greet you at the beginning of a great career.”    – Johannes Göransson, author of Poetry Against All: A Diary (Tarpaulin Sky Press) and co-founder of Action Books



“This book absorbs The Muppet Show, its guest stars, and the longing, love, joys, and despair of a poet who has created a kaleidoscope of shared and private language and experience. Teixeira inhabits metamorphic language, which can live in TV shows, music, passwords, or the lips of a lover. BLUE 4 U carries resonances from its multiple contexts and serves as a means of connection between mediums, times, places, and people. It is daring and tender, playful and intelligent, hypnotic, and heartbreaking.” — Ananda Lima, author of Mother/land (Black Lawrence Press)
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