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May 2022
June 2022
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May 29 2022


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm



Workshop: Antiart For Antiart’s Sake: the Craft of Collage, Chronicling, and Getting Carried Away with Kenning JP Garcia

In this workshop we will be thinking about diary and scrapbooking. We’ll consider writing quickly and we’ll consider getting down those nagging ideas as well. We’ll be working with fragments and disjunction. Nothing needs to fit together in this workshop. Things just need to be written. This is about being fearless and honest in whatever form that takes. It’s not about being sloppy nor haphazard but it is about not focusing on having a “finished” piece. If Picabia was a beautiful monster, we will be hideous saviors. We will save those thoughts from the scrap heap and instead insert them into the scrapbook. Nothing needs to be lost. The best parts are the bad parts also. This workshop will touch on dada a bit although this is not a workshop on dada. As well, it will touch upon antipoetry and antistory as well but is not specifically a discussion of those forms/approaches either. This is not about being experimental nor innovative; it is about implementation. How does one go from thinking to writing? From remembering to writing? From reading to writing? And most especially, how does one daydream on the page?
*This event will take place weekly on four consecutive Sundays, and your registration covers all four workshop sessions occurring on the following dates: 5/15, 5/22, 5/29, 6/5


Kenning JP García is the author of With (Really Serious Literature), OF (What Place Meant) (West Vine Press) and Furthermore (If and Only If Press). Xe was tomorrow a diarist and will forever be a diarist yesterday. Xe has not been exploring form, breaking form, nor blending forms. Xe is only concerned with the substance, sentiment, chronology, kairology and the aionic. Style is a correlative result. Xyr approaches to a mystical realism have been published in various magazines and journals and xyr words can be heard in autoschediastic talks / video guessays @kenyjpgarcia on IGTV. //

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