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Isobel O’Hare:


“Issue #8 of Dream Pop coincides with the preorder sale of our first set of three chapbooks! Head over to the shop to buy them individually or pick up the bundled set of all three for $30. Books are scheduled to ship out by Halloween.

This is also the last issue that will feature prose submissions, as we are taking only poetry, visual poetry, and visual art submissions from now on. Another change is that Dream Pop has switched from a quarterly journal to a biannual one with issues coming out twice a year in August and February.”







Carleen Tibbetts:

“I’m so excited not only to release the current issue of Dream Pop, but to release for preorder ourCarleen-Tibbetts three chapbooks. Have you considered buying all 3 in our $30 bundle? Seriously, these three writers are unlike anything you’ll ever read! I’m so proud of our authors B’ellana Johannx, Kolby Harvey, and E.L. Reeman.

Lots has been going on in my life. I spent the summer abandoning poetry and reading novels exclusively. I also took a metalsmithing class,which was pretty wild! I just started the third semester of my paralegal program, turned 37, and my daughter just started kindergarten. I feel
simultaneously old and invigorated! It’s the submissions we get here at Dream Pop that make it worthwhile for me, make me love poetry again just when I feel everything’s been done. I hope you enjoy this issue of Dream Pop!”





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