Summer 2019

Isobel O’Hare: “Issue #8 of Dream Pop coincides with the preorder sale of our first set of three chapbooks! Head over to the shop to buy them individually or pick up the bundled set of all three for $30. Books are scheduled to ship out by Halloween. This is also the last issue that will feature prose submissions, as we are taking only poetry, visual poetry, and visual art submissions…

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Spring 2019

Carleen Tibbetts: “I thought 2019 couldn’t be any more difficult than 2018, but wow, I was wrong! Stress from my mom’s death, my husband starting a new job, and a particularly tough paralegal class were the perfect storm for me to have a manic episode in early February.  I was hospitalized for a week, and then spent 3 weeks recovering at home.  During this time, I received kind words, letters,…

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Fall 2018

Carleen Tibbetts: “Another issue of Dream Pop is here! We received so many lovely submissions, it really has been humbling and encouraging to see this creature Isobel and I build continue to grow and take shape in unexpected ways. We also made our chapbook and Pushcart nominee selections! We couldn’t pick just one chapbook because there was so much overwhelmingly brilliant material to choose from, so we ended up picking…

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Summer 2018

Carleen Tibbetts: “As some of you readers who follow me on social media may already know, this June, I lost my mother. She had been diagnosed with COPD about 10 years ago, and her health had been in flux.  When my father passed in the winter of 2017, she was moved into an assisted care facility.  I was able to fly out there in both Spring of 2017 and March…

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Spring 2018

  Isobel O’Hare: “Some of our readers might be aware that I lost my father while working on Issue Four, so I would like to use my space here in the editor letter to share a poem he helped me revise 5 years ago (he even gave it its title) and to dedicate this issue to David Vaughan (December 31, 1948-February 28, 2018).”           Carleen Tibbetts:…

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Winter 2018

  Isobel O’Hare: “I fell in love with erasure poetry in my MFA program, and the practice has become a regular part of my writing routine. I enjoy it most when it’s a conversation with an author I respect, but there is also something to be said for arguing with someone whose ideas you find oppressive. If you caught this article in the New Republic last year, you’ll know that the latter…

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Fall 2017

Isobel O’Hare: “Lately I’ve been thinking about the weaponization of language, of the shift in meaning that has occurred in our usage of certain words. Now, only those who point out legitimate problems are bitter, to say nothing of the bitterness (and fear) of those who would shut such people down. Individuals who report harassment are labeled ugly, to say nothing of the ugliness of abuse, of misogyny, of transmisogyny,…

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Summer 2017

When Isobel O’Hare asked me if I’d like to co-edit a journal with a Cocteau Twins-esque aesthetic, I accepted without hesitation. I’ve been a fan ever since I heard their cover of “Frosty the Snowman” come on the holiday Muzak while I was working a college retail job and went on a quest to seek out their catalogue.  The band has a sound like no other, and their lyrics range…

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