Carleen Tibbetts: “Another issue of Dream Pop is here! We received so many lovely submissions, it really has been humbling and encouraging to see this creature Isobel and I build continue to grow and take shape in unexpected ways. We also made our chapbook and Pushcart nominee selections! We couldn’t pick just one chapbook because there was so much overwhelmingly brilliant material to choose from, so we ended up picking three manuscripts from a large pool of finalists. I cannot wait for these books to materialize next year. 2018 has been a strange and sorrowful year of transitions and change for me. The holiday season is rough on me now that both of my parents are gone, and the rest of my family is so far away, but I am so thankful for all the people who have given me support and hope this year. I’ve also begun the process of getting my paralegal certification, and I’m excited about this next phase of life. I look forward to 2019, to the chapbooks Dream Pop will publish, to the publication of my own first collection, and to continue to make a home for and curate exceptional work.”




Isobel O’Hare: “As Carleen already mentioned, this holiday season has been a bittersweet one due to the loss of loved ones. For anyone out there reading this issue who has lost a parent or another close love, and who might be struggling to muster your holiday spirit, we see you. The loss of my father sent me reeling this year, but often it was the work of keeping Dream Pop going that also kept me going. That sounds cheesy, but I guess you get cheesier and more sentimental the more you get older and the more you lose. I’m OK with it! And I’m more than OK with taking pride in bringing you another issue of Dream Pop that is brimming with brilliant work. Thanks so much for taking this dreamy ride with us.”




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