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Submission Guidelines

Dream Pop Journal publishes biannual issues at the end of February and August. We are open for year-round submissions and will include the very best pieces we receive between issue release dates.

We welcome submissions from marginalized voices, and we are especially interested in publishing work from emerging writers working in experimental, non-narrative forms. Please send us your very best strange utterings, hybrid works, collaborative pieces, visual poetry, collages, and linguistic inventions. We hope that you will challenge the limits of what literature can be and that you will share your results with us.

POETRY: Please submit three to five poems (combined maximum of 15 pages) at one time.

VISUAL ART: Please submit up to five pieces at one time.

  • We are only interested in previously unpublished work.
  • We accept simultaneous submissions provided that you inform us promptly if your work is accepted elsewhere.
  • We aim to respond to submissions within 30 days, but response times may vary in either direction.
  • Please only submit once per submission period.
  • If your work is accepted for publication, please wait at least a year after the issue release date before submitting to the journal again. So if you were published in the Summer of 2017, we will consider submissions from you again for the Summer 2018 issue.
  • Please send all work in a single attachment.
If your work is accepted for publication, we will ask for first publication rights. We also request that you grant us permanent electronic archival rights. All other rights will revert to you post-publication. If your work is reprinted elsewhere in the future, we request that you acknowledge its first appearance in Dream Pop.


Dream Pop Journal is excited to announce its first themed issue, the Speculative Diary Issue, which will be released at Christmastime 2020.

This issue is guest-edited by Kenning JP Garcia.

Submission Deadline: Monday, October 5th.

Submission Word Limit: 2,500 words

Speculative Diary Guidelines:

Speculative diary is a subgenre of creative non-fiction that incorporates science fiction, fantasy, and horror elements into diary writing. Diary is anything from "Dear Diary" style writing to journaling, to sketches, vignettes, fragments, scintillae, or notes. What makes diary diary for this call is work that is concerned with chronology and kairology. For this specific call, speculative can include any sort of SF/F/Horror mythos, tropes, or archetypes. Speculative will also encompass the paranormal, supernatural, mythic, dystopian, alternate histories, retrofutures, Afrofuturism, dreampunk, Ethno/Southern Gothic, and hi-tech mystery/thriller. The point is to bring genre fiction ideas and aesthetics into one's processing of the real world and memories.

All submissions for the Speculative Diary Issue should be sent to the following email address: guesteditor@dreampoppress.net

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